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Hey ~ That’s Me!

Let me tell you about how I became the first U.S. female Capoeira performer, an international aerial dancer, game changer for thousands of young people, Creative Director of theatrical productions, Program Manager & Lead Artist of a non-profit youth art program, Hong Kong Rock Star physical fitness instructor, poet and short film Director, sought after Instructional Coach and Mentor, raced flying fish on tall ships, met with Orishas and changed my name half a dozen times…so here goes!

I am a dreamer, doer, explorer, performer, instructor, student, pescatarian, dancer and, on my best days, a comedienne. I am a performing and visual artist. I also work with youth in non-profits and am currently developing global outreach projects and energetic movement workshops so that I can serve on a larger scale. Travel, teach, learn, laugh, grow, repeat…

I’m Jade Osborne, international performance artist, arts activist, facilitator, mentor and speaker. For the past decade I have experimented with and developed techniques that have helped me create the Life of My Dreams! I began working in Non-Profit Education, served in AmeriCorps and have been a Poet in Residence, Artist in Residence, and Performer (Capoeira & Aerialist) in Residence. I have received grants in acknowledgement and support of my work from State and National Arts Agencies. I have traveled and volunteered internationally. I was the first female Capoeira performer in the U.S. and in Hong Kong. I have studied philosophies, ethics and spiritual integration techniques with Masters in Brazil and in the U.S. I have Produced/Directed and performed in a number of theatrical shows and I like to wear fuzzy socks.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions or would like to know more information about me, my work, workshops, performances and speaking engagements, please feel free explore my site or contact me directly at [email protected].

Sending you many wishes for joy and inspiration! Love and Cheers!


Visual, Cultural & Performing


Through understanding, developing and utilizing our personal creative gifts, we can step into our purpose and fulfill a vital role within our communities. Activating our power as a creative being and the confidence in our connection to the world will propel us in sharing our inherent gifts. When we experience energetically connecting and sharing gifts with others, we are empowering not only our own purpose, but others’ as well. We are all particles, but together we make waves.


When we tap into the act of creation, we release the constructs of the mind. While creating art through energetic and intuitive connections, we release self-doubt, isolation and fear. We are engaged in the act of doing rather than in the act of thinking. Releasing the thoughts and the mind is the same premise as meditation. We are tapping into the meditative, pure part of our being and allowing our natural, creative selves the space and freedom to emerge.


Under-Served, At-Risk,
Non-Profit Global Community

Specializing in creative connections through the physical, my purpose has been to work with under-served groups of all ages to develop a powerful sense of self as well as connections and relationships with each other through physical movement, visual, literary and performance art. These physical connections and relationships open the creative neural paths to embrace situations in everyday life as an artist (an empowered creator).


It is through the expansion of thought, looking at the world differently, recognizing our own power and choosing to create our lives as we want that true change will take place. Recognizing our own power, the control we have over our own life, and our ability to choose, are the first steps to creating an inspired community. Once we as members of a community recognize our individual power, we can find commonalities within and set goals as a greater community to make change…real, relational, creative change.


Creative Community

We have the power to create change – in our personal lives and in the world. First, we begin at the personal level and when we feel integral change happening, it is reconstructing us at a cellular level. By incorporating kinesthetics into workshops, seminars, group experiences and one-on-one intensives, I utilize movement and tactile learning methods which play a vital role in sensation and visceral understanding.

My seminars demonstrate that we can create this change intentionally by bringing awareness and activating a physical, visual and auditory encoding in our brain. We can create personal change and redefine ourselves by using all of our senses, all of our learning styles (audible, visual and tactile methods) and multiple spiritual and creative principles.

Experiencing, identifying and transforming blocks through these methods, addresses the whole person, the whole of the issue and aids in rebuilding the broad spectrum of the self.

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