Let’s manifest the life of your dreams!

The concept is simple – Everyone learns through experience, and in modern spiritual philosophy it is through the visceral experience of the intention that empowers and manifests the desire. In other words if you…

Think it, See It, Feel It, Sense It, Smell It, Taste It, Hear It then you will Become It.

In order to create what you want to experience (the life of your dreams), you have to pre-experience the goal. How do you do it? By learning tools and techniques experientially.

Kinesthetic Learning is Experiential Learning

I am primarily a kinesthetic learner, meaning that I learn through experience. Learning was a challenge for me because it took me extra steps in order to retain information. Rewriting notes from books, painstakingly taking lecture notes, recording lectures to replay, creating songs/dances to recall the Periodic Table (which totally worked by the way), and tricking my brain through rhyme and rhythm. It’s difficult for me to retain information that is spoken to me or shown me and I often would daydream during classes and lectures (and I still do).

In truth, we fall short in engaging our kinesthetic learning…there are plenty of audio & visual components in academic curriculum, corporate trainings and of course, in the media, but we have a lack of experiential and tactile components. (By the way, at this point in the lecture I would be playing with a rock in my pocket).

While we may have a dominant preference for learning (mine would be kinesthetic), we are all kinesthetic learners and are able to utilize all the styles – it’s just that my kinesthetic preference is more fun, engaging and interesting to me. Our success in learning and incorporating new information would be to utilize all learning styles (and the subsets, which is another discussion altogether). After all, the most successful concepts are conveyed through creative, incorporative repetition – Back it up (from all angles)!

And when we are fully engaged – when the Ah-Ha Moment occurs or the Breakthrough drops into our consciousness, it is simply because the information was downloaded from multiple streams, from multiple learning styles, and the shift from the un-knowing to the knowing, is visceral.

What is it like to be fully engaged?

When you were in school or in a training session, were you engaged with a speaker who not only spoke, but had visual elements and perhaps got you up out of your seats and moving around? Or better yet, think about a live music concert you attended that engaged you through visual and auditory elements, and most likely you were swaying, dancing, moshing or singing along, in some way physically experiencing the concert. What an experience, right?

My goal in presentations is that my performance is as engaging as a concert. I’m on my way, but for now, I’ll utilize all the elements as I work my way up to rock icon.

Those who are primarily kinesthetic learners are do-ers (less than 15% of the population) and are successful in retaining information through experiments, sporting activities, dance, art and acting.

When we are learning kinesthetically, we are engaging the creative part of ourselves – the active, expressive, risk-taking, experimental part of ourselves. To manifest the law of attraction, you must fully experience the pre-experiential intent.

Muscle Memory & Flow State

It’s isn’t just for dancers and athletes anymore!

Muscle memory is attained through repetition of a task where ultimately the brain takes over and releases the need for conscious effort. Choreography, minute physical adjustments, new patterns and mannerisms are the muscle memory domain. If we teach ourselves through proper repetition, eventually our brain will integrate the information, thus proper meditation, journeying, relaxation, visualization and law of attraction techniques which will also integrate through practice.

Now, let’s dance or stretch for a minute so we can integrate all this information!

The Bottom Line

The Move Beyond Boundaries methods and processes incorporate a full experience (audio, visual and kinesthetic activities) of modern spiritual, visualization and relaxation techniques. You will experience change in order to create it. Through creative repetition and multi-level integration techniques, your ability to pre-experience your manifestation will become part of your muscle-memory, an automatic encoded belief structure, that will integrate all that you desire to create and bolster your ability to live the life of your dreams!


Experiential learning activates the creative part of the self – the expressive, risk-taking, experimental self. Yes!


Utilizing Audible, Visual and Kinesthetic techniques to get you into the learning, the feeling and the doing your Big Life!


It’s a discovery of who you are, what powers are yours, and what changes you will create in the world!

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