the framework is the foundation

Is your life all that you imagined? Do you feel truly fulfilled? Do your contributions to the world, your community, your family, and to yourself bring you joy? Is it enough or do you feel like there is something more?

What if I told you that your life could be everything you imagined? What if I told you that you could make changes right now and see results immediately, in your energy, abundance, clarity and focus? And all it takes is some restructuring of your personal framework…but you’re worth it, so why not go for it?!

Live Big! Claim Your Purpose! Live the Dream!

These are all statements we have heard about and the Move Beyond Boundaries Method will teach you how to tap into the energy of your true self, your life purpose, your creative vibration and will give you the tools to maintain the full, kinetic expression of your consciously chosen life.

When we choose how we want to express ourselves in the world, we are claiming our power and taking action towards our life purpose. The Expressed Self is the conscious self that you will create as a strong foundation, and now it’s time to structure the life you truly desire!


WHAT you will be learning is not the question, but HOW

Self-Actualization methods, spiritual teachings, and meditation practices have been used by humans for ages. We are creators, we are elemental and we have the power to make conscious choices in order to live the Big Dream Life that we all want! It is INSPIRING to feel creatively, spiritually and emotionally invigorated from new techniques…it is EMPOWERING to integrate the vibration of personal power in everyday life. Maintaining a high vibration is more closely aligned with the universe (and that’s where all the gifts are!) Here’s how you will learn the keys to successful integration…


Success in creating the life you truly want comes from the integration of new information, from experiencing and from implementing the changes you desire. In other words, from the Learning, the Feeling and the Doing. We learn through the repetition, integration and reassembly of information. Utilizing all three learning styles, Audible, Visual and Kinesthetic, you will have a complete understanding, the full experience of the information and all the tools you will need to Move Beyond Boundaries!


Experiential learning activates the creative part of the self – the expressive, risk-taking, experimental self. Yes!


Utilizing Audible, Visual and Kinesthetic techniques to get you into the learning, the feeling and the doing your Big Life!


It’s a discovery of who you are, what powers are yours, and what changes you will create in the world!

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