this is where the transformation begins

For over a decade I have worked with thousands of people in developing a clearer sense of purpose, personal voice, revitalized physicality and authentic self-expression. I have compiled inspiring modalities, transformational methodologies and a bit of experimentation to develop this process that will Move You Beyond Your Boundaries!

Personal, one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions all include the modules listed below. Workshops, Seminars and Lectures are based on each of these modules which will best engage the group as a whole.


Energetic, intuitive, meditation and journeying techniques designed to help you to drop into a clearer sense of self. Reconnecting with the self allows you be present and to take action from a place of integrity, clarity, and compassion.

~ Identify your Intuitive Voice
~ Explore and Expand your Energetic Field
~ Develop your Relationship with your Guides
~ Strengthen your Connection to Universal Energy and Flow

Uncovering and Clearing Blocks

Negative thought patterns are one of the reasons why we don’t fully integrate change in our lives. Finding the emotional blocks and bringing them to light releases the shadowing energy and will restructure the emotional connection to the original memory.

~ Reveal and Remove the Root of Issues ~
~ Restructure Emotional Memory Triggers ~
~ Learn Techniques to Clear Emotional Blocks ~

Daily Practices

Meditation, yoga, journeying, gratitude statements, stretching, toning and singing are just a few activities that will add a deepening and an awakening to your life. We will create a daily practice plan that will reinforce your strengths while bringing energy to the healing parts of you…all based on your time and scheduling.

~ Create a Daily Practice Plan
~ Add Gratitude, Envisioning and Goal Setting to each day
~ Incorporate Energetic Exercises that will Activate your Vitality

Alignment and Maintenance

Activating energy changes is relatively easy, the challenge is in creating lasting change in clients. Once you have the knowledge, skills, practices, energetic and spherical self principals in place, you can maintain your vibration in the everyday world. What’s more, you will elevate the vibration of your world, so that it will never be “everyday” again.

~ Incorporate Chakra Balancing Techniques ~
~ Learn Quick Connect Practices that Expand Your Power ~
~ Receive Downloads of Energy and Become a Conduit for Others~


Meeting another person energetically and utilizing a range of human expression (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) provides a solid foundation to create a deep connection. The self, the other, and an other are the foundational triad that reflect truth, accountability and loving expression & support.

~ Develop Intuitive Communication with your Partner
~ Explore Expressive Partnership Movement Techniques
~ Learn to Adjust your Vibrational Frequency to Support your Partner


Taking an active role and being of service to a community is an integral part of fully expressing who you are and fulfilling your personal need to be a change maker. We as humans feel aligned in our purpose when we are leaving an impact, a legacy and making a mark on the world.

~ Release Social Roles and Patterns ~
~ Joyfully Create and Explore Life as Improvisation ~
~ Connect and Flow with the Greater Energy of the Group ~


Experiential learning activates the creative part of the self – the expressive, risk-taking, experimental self. Yes!


Utilizing Audible, Visual and Kinesthetic techniques to get you into the learning, the feeling and the doing your Big Life!


It’s a discovery of who you are, what powers are yours, and what changes you will create in the world!

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