Workshops have been led in Detention Centers, Summer Camps, Community Centers, After-School Programs, Large Scale Events and Festivals and Private Homes.

Poetry Writing & Performance

Poetry workshops inspire participants to engage in creative storytelling while utilizing poetic structures and rhythms. Workshops are designed for all age groups and skill levels. Participants will create haikus, quatrains, cinquains, sonnets, fill-in-the-blank poems, ransom note poems, acrostic, theme-based, rhyme-based and songs/raps.

Workshop participants will work on sentence structure, parts of speech, expanding vocabulary, poetic composition, rhythm and rhyme. Participants will also utilize critical thinking, creative problem-solving methods and be encouraged to take literary risks.

Poetry Workshops are designed to take place in multiple sessions. The following session breakdown is an example of the workshop structure. It may be added to or subtracted from or may also run consecutively with other projects.

Acrylic & Watercolor Painting

Acrylic and Watercolor mediums are some of the most accessible forms of painting in the modern world. Using fast drying acrylic or pigmented water-based colors on canvas or thick pressed paper, artists may create anywhere from realistic to abstracted art pieces using a variety of techniques. People of all ages love using acrylics and watercolors for the ease in color mixing, beauty in the flow of the media and the bright, bold colors of acrylic or the soft pastel color palette of watercolor.

Workshop participants will learn how to analyze subject and composition in photographic references and layout for final painting pieces. Participants will also utilize organizational structures in communicating their artistic ideas effectively and examine the inter-relational connection between the modern world and their individual artistic viewpoint. These watercolor workshops meet, but are not limited to, United States Visual Art standards – Grades K-4 (1-6), Grades 5-8 (2, 3 & 6,), Grades 9-12 (1-3).

Painting Workshops are designed to take place in multiple sessions. The tracing and transfer techniques are suitable for ages 12+, while basic painting sessions are available for ages 11 and under. The following session breakdown is an example of a Watercolor Workshop structure. It may be added to or subtracted from or may also run consecutively with other projects.

Mask Making

Mask Making is an exciting workshop that engages participants of all ages. We begin the workshops with social/cultural discussions and developing trusting relationships between partners. Applying the plaster and creating the masks are just one step, we finish these workshops with custom designs using paint, glitter, yarn, marker, crayon, and any other media available. The final result is a social/cultural artistic statement that is relative and poignant to the artist and representative of the community, as well as a beautiful, wearable mask.

This workshop utilizes cultural symbolism, analytical thinking skills, composition, elements of color theory, design and texture. Using pre-made plaster gauze strips, or custom-making plaster strips, participants learn about facial shape and anatomy, partner trust, and elements of artistic creation. The designing and painting of the masks allow participants to see themselves differently, recreate themselves through their mask or to display social/cultural pride through their design work. Each workshop may be customized to focus upon any social elements that are important to the community. Some examples are: Cultural History and Symbolism, Parts of Myself (Negative and Positive or Past and Future), 2D Drawings on 3D Objects, and Personal Symbolism.

Mask Making workshops meet, but are not limited to, United States Visual Art standards – Grades K-4 (1-6), Grades 5-8 (1-5), Grades 9-12 (1-5).

Mask Making workshops are designed to take place in multiple sessions. The techniques are alterable and suitable for ages 8+ with additional adult assistance during the mask making process. The following session breakdown is an example of the workshop structure. It may be added to or subtracted from or may also run consecutively with other projects.

Sculpey Jewelry Making

This workshop is designed to inspire participants to create a piece of art that will serve as a representation or an actual legacy that is handed down or given as a gift. Working with a workshop theme is incredibly inspirational as the works of art are more meaningful to the participants through a personal and cultural journey. Foundations in design, drawing and 3D texture, color theory and art history is covered during the sessions. 2-4 sessions recommended, but more may be added. This project will utilize Sculpey which is plastic based clay that is easy for novices to mold. The clay is hardened in the oven prior to being painted or glazed.

Supplies: Sculpey (one – two small balls per participant), paper, pencils, jewelry cord, paint or glaze, cookie sheets and an oven for baking.

Website Design (Dreamweaver & Wordpress)

Web design workshops develop the vision and skills to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing website. Participants will be introduced to Adobe website and design products, Photoshop and Dreamweaver, as well as learn to develop websites through WordPress, one of the world’s largest website handling formats.

Critical thinking, elements of design, technological functionality, basic coding, mapping, product/subject development and more are the basis for this curriculum. In addition, the specific needs of the your community will be addressed through online organization and implementation. No other tool has brought diverse communities to such an intimate understanding of each other as the internet. Every community should have the skills to utilize this great tool.

Supplies: Pencils, Paper, Erasers, Computer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress account

Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop)

Graphic Design workshops utilize Adobe Photoshop as a photographic design base. Participants will learn basic layout, functionality, tools, filters and other basic skills needed to create original digital photographic based artwork. A scanner or digital camera may also be used during this workshop to give each participant the opportunity to begin with an original image.

Elements of design, layout, composition, color theory, basics of digital formatting, Adobe Photoshop specialization techniques and shortcuts are incorporated into these workshops. Participants will learn to create an original digital work of art and have the basic skills in order to continue to work on digital art work and further their skills.

Supplies: Pencils, Paper, Erasers, Computers, Adobe Photoshop

Wearable Design (Adobe Photoshop)

Wearable Design is another digital media layout design form that can help bolster a community by creating a marketable product that can be produced, re-produced and sold internationally. These workshops will teach participants the basics of layout, elements of design, free-hand drawing, digital layout using Adobe Photoshop, basic techniques for design for screen printing and the principals of wearable art (T-Shirts, Hats, Bags, etc.)

Artwork from this workshop will be prepared for screen printing use or artwork may be sent to an internet service for production.

Supplies: Pencils, Erasers, Paper, Computer, Adobe Photoshop

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