Promotional Video

Promotional video for creative performances that include: aerial acrobatics, capoeira, maculele, modern dance, acroyoga and balancing.

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit is a timeless poem with a haunting tone that this Lewis Allen adaptation becomes magnified in contrast to this aerial dance. This piece gives new life to those whom were Strange Fruit, depicting nobility in the midst of exquisite horror. Although flesh is sacrificed, the spirit is indomitable.


In a bold dream to define ourselves we must navigate our relationships with others. As we are tethered in the safety of what is known, we dream of being free and moving without bounds. Tangle explores the relationship between two dancers who push, pull, restrict and coalesce until the need for freedom shatters their bond.


Charmer is a modern and sensual version of the Python Song from the movie, The Jungle Book. Dancing in aerial straps, the choreography and costuming characterizes the dancer as a snake attempting to hypnotize its audience. Dangling from the air and spinning in circles, the audience is taken captive by this curious creature.

Inter Relation>SHIP & The SHIFT SHOW excerpts

Inter Relation>SHIP performance with Calvin Arsenia in Washington Square Park, funded by Art in the Loop, 2019. The SHIFT SHOW performances for KC Fringe 2019.

Breaking Lines

Acroyoga and movement performance for Dance in the Park 2019.

Mechanics of Movement

Mechanics of Movement is inspired by the image of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo DaVinci. Featuring artist’s original design of the Aerial Carousel.

Mr. Pink’s Cabaret

Mr. Pink’s Cabaret is directed and produced by James Pillatzke, owner of Pinkie Couture. His vision was to bring a modern cabaret to the Crossroads District for the Valentine season. With the collaboration of dancers, choreographers, live musicians, videographers, Dj’s and of course, Mr. Pink, the Cabaret was brought to life.

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