We Learn By Doing, So Let’s Do This!

Workshops & Activities

This is what it’s all about…sharing creative projects!
And this is my passion…to learn from and share with communities all over the world!

For more than a decade I have been a workshop facilitator, mentor and instructor, in the US as well as internationally, specializing in at-risk populations and under-served communities. I lead private classes, small group workshops as well as large scale workshops for camps, corporate team-building, retreats, festivals and events. Workshops have been led in the U.S., Hong Kong, U.K., Brasil, British Virgin Islands, Germany, Mexico, and Nepal in Schools, Colleges, Detention Centers, Community Centers, After-School Programs, Public Parks, Large Scale Events and Festivals.

Listed below are the various projects I would love to share with your community.

Embodiment Practices

Transformational Intensives

Dance & Theatrical

2D & 3D Workshops

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