Transformational Movement

Kinesthetic transformation (change made through the body) elevates personal energy, creative & physical natures, relationships and community connections.
Mind, Body & Spiritual alignment learned & practiced through the body.

Workshops will engage participants in the experiential processes of reconnecting to self, partnership and to the community. Through a combination of movement, audio and visual components, participants are activated to take their next big step! Whether it’s a one-day, weekend or week-long retreat, for 4, 10, 20, or up to 100 participants, activities are developed to build on the overall theme for all levels and types of participants. Themes include: Intuitive Connections, Developing your Life Purpose, Activating a Dynamic Partnership, Contacting & Working with your Spirit Guides, Trust Connections (Guided Contact Improvisation), Understanding your Spherical Self, Living an Activated Life, and many more!

Transformational Movement incorporates elements of Contemporary and Modern Dance, Acroyoga, Capoeira, Guided Contact Improvisation, Acrobatics, Weight Sharing / Balancing, Dramatic Interpretation, Shamanic and Chakra Energy and EFT techniques. We will laugh and we will play. We will share our passion for movement in a safe and nurturing environment. Workshops develop organically from the needs and skills of the participants. No judgement, no fear, no worries! We will develop our movement vocabulary through emotive, meditative and energetic principles and leave the workshop feeling inspired to express and create a new relationship with the everyday world around us.

Moving in Flow is designed to identify and move through the relationship of self and others. As soloists, partners, and in large group movements, participants will free their mind from the need to verbally communicate and will deepen their ability to communicate through eye contact, body movement, intuition and energetic flow. Workshops begin with igniting our personal energy and breath, followed by partner stretching and weight sharing exercises, balancing and experimentation. We will explore still connections as well as moving through space, all leading up to large group movement and improvisational pieces. This workshop is for youth ages 6-12, 13-16 and young adults and adults ages 17+. No partner is necessary. 1.5-3 hours (with breaks) or weekend intensives.

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