On Plucking Stories

Generally speaking, the Chinese are small people. During the rainy season the streets were packed. We were all shuffling cattle, and the locals carried black umbrellas that spun and threatened to poke me (a tall American girl) in the eye. I became very adept at batting them away as they spun towards my face, and […]

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A Week of Pilobolus

Getting myself into situations where I don’t know what or to what degree of extremity I am getting into, is quite common. The Pilobolus workshop, Level II, mind you, was exactly that. I knew of Pilobolus. I had a friend who toured and performed with them. He told me his body was put on a […]

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Getting into Canada

It is difficult to explain to Canadian Immigration that I am a traveling performance artist. That I have no interest in moving to Canada, or working in Canada. That I have no interest in working at all. “How do you travel then?” “I have a savings.” “And what, you will travel for one year? Five? […]

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