Off to Dubai

Tonight my Mother leaves for Dubai. She is following her dreams, checking places off of her Bucket list and moving through her fears of traveling. She waited until after my Father died in order to really explore the world. And while he was a wonderful husband, father, and role-model, he was also a security blanket […]

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Houston, We Have a Bird Problem

I hopped off the Megabus in downtown Houston early Saturday morning…much earlier than I had seen the world in quite a while. The sun had not yet risen and the expansive downtown was quiet and dark. I chose to take a later bus to Austin because I thought I should get some breakfast before another […]

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On Belafonte’s “Jack-Ass Song”

My first experience with Harry Belafonte was hearing “Day-O” in Beetlejuice some fifteen or twenty years ago. Calypso captured my heart and I began singing island songs from the 1950s to my classmates. We all have our idea of cool music, and Harry Belafonte was mine. A few years ago, I found myself watching, “How […]

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On Pole Dancing

I flew into London on an over-cast Tuesday. It would be my first trip across the ‘pond’ and I could hardly contain my excitement on the plane. I didn’t sleep, and at what would have been 2:00am, our plane scuffed its heels at Gatwick. The conference I was attending was in Bristol, some 200 km […]

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On Astral Travel

Upon my first trip to Brazil, I was hardly prepared for the language and culture shock. My knowledge of Portuguese was comparable to a third grader and if I could not rattle a response from my head, I reverted back to speaking Spanish – which to Brazilians is very insulting. “Nao fallo espanol, eu sou […]

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On Plucking Stories

Generally speaking, the Chinese are small people. During the rainy season the streets were packed. We were all shuffling cattle, and the locals carried black umbrellas that spun and threatened to poke me (a tall American girl) in the eye. I became very adept at batting them away as they spun towards my face, and […]

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