Living Life Turned On – yes Yes YES! Gratitude Sitting in the feeling of gratitude, I am reminded of the greatness of all of this…life. That the depths of emotions, from grief to ecstasy, are what my human experience is all about. Yes, I am breathing. Yes, I am grateful. Today is Daddy Day. It’s […]

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Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly

Living Life Turned On – yes Yes YES! Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. (Ho’oponopono prayer) Arguments are silly, sure it’s beautiful to set boundaries and to be clear in communication, but to hold a stance that is unwavering may not be the best choice for the […]

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Circle of Love

Awesomeness Festival – Puerto Vallarta – was a most amazing experience. Four hundred of the world’s most progressive thinking, creative, game-changing entrepreneurs came together to network, grow, change and learn from each other. The festival took place from November 5-11, 2014. A few of us decided to stay later to explore Mexico and to really […]

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We Are Conduits

Love is something we cannot fully describe, nor fully feel, for that would be to contain it, and love cannot be contained. It is the essence and the energy of creativity. It is the light and heat of the stars. It is excitement, inspiration, and awe. It is the brightest idea you’ve ever had, that […]

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