Love is something we cannot fully describe, nor fully feel, for that would be to contain it, and love cannot be contained. It is the essence and the energy of creativity. It is the light and heat of the stars. It is excitement, inspiration, and awe. It is the brightest idea you’ve ever had, that illuminated you from within. It is the purest emotion you’ve ever felt, with complete and utter submission. It is the soulful song that calls your name in the silence of struggle. It is the inclining of the potential and kinetic energy expressed. It is too expansive and too pure to be contained.

The stars know this. They expand from inner excitement, and contract with the pressure of gravity. They breathe within the balance…subtly, from the vacuums of space, and vehemently, transforming from within. There is magic in between the inhale and exhalations, in between the space that separates us from each other. Potential lies in the stillness of nothingness and the possibility of everythingness. And we are vulnerable children, learning through the reflection of stars.

When we breathe within the balance, when the energy of love flows through us, it bursts forth as the heart-shaped waves of the sun. Connecting with the immensity of the universe, the fragility of a child, the strength of a father’s hands, the purity of art in process, the fluidity of movement, the alignment of patterns, the quiet power of a brooding storm, the truth in the moments, my purpose, and you, allows me to expand within, just as golden butterflies spiral outwards, warmly filling the spaces in between myself, us and the world.

We are stars, generative and magnificent. We are conduits and love, our revolution.

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