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Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. (Ho’oponopono prayer)

Arguments are silly, sure it’s beautiful to set boundaries and to be clear in communication, but to hold a stance that is unwavering may not be the best choice for the whole situation, and for longevity…I mean what did it really matter who made dinner how many times for whom? Or how you listened to your Mother’s advice over mine…I mean really Baby, it’s irritating, but it won’t matter in the long run.
I love you.

Relationships are always in flux because we all change, in every moment. And gah, I don’t want to keep hold of anything, because that’s when the clinginess and resentment settle in. Forgiving as quickly as I can will release that ickiness, from my experience and from my body…or else it will fester and turn into something worse.
I’m sorry.

But really the true forgiveness is for myself, and releasing whatever judgement I have against lil’ me for being lesser, pettier or uglier than I want to be.
Forgive me.

And the Kissing Slowly part? Well, that’s just plain fun…and it’s a reminder for me to move through the self blame and get back to self-celebration, full embodiment…because living, not withdrawing, is what I’m here to do.
Thank you!

What about you?

PS The most fun thing about this post was asking my friends for make out pics – more please!

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