Treat Yo Self

Living Life Turned On! yes Yes YES! Treat Yo Self! NYE in NYC •In the past, treating myself was a catch22. While enjoying myself fully, a guilty elf would sneak in and gnaw at my good time…prompting me to worry and wait for the other shoe to drop. •Well, the other shoe dropped me in […]

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Just Let Go

Living Life Turned On – yes Yes YES! Just Let Go •You can probably tell from this head to head picture that I have some control issues. I tend to be the one that wants to hold on to the dream/goal/image so tightly that I could strangle the life from it, and when I finally […]

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Living Life Turned On – yes Yes YES! Gratitude Sitting in the feeling of gratitude, I am reminded of the greatness of all of this…life. That the depths of emotions, from grief to ecstasy, are what my human experience is all about. Yes, I am breathing. Yes, I am grateful. Today is Daddy Day. It’s […]

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Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly

Living Life Turned On – yes Yes YES! Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. (Ho’oponopono prayer) Arguments are silly, sure it’s beautiful to set boundaries and to be clear in communication, but to hold a stance that is unwavering may not be the best choice for the […]

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Ignited and Inspired

Wondering why I am feeling ignited and inspired? Just before the holidays I traveled to Jamaica where I attended my 4th Afest. A four day event for conscious entrepreneurs to engage and generate global impact as a TRIBE. And I keep coming back to these events, not only to get the latest in information technology, […]

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