Wondering why I am feeling ignited and inspired?

Just before the holidays I traveled to Jamaica where I attended my 4th Afest. A four day event for conscious entrepreneurs to engage and generate global impact as a TRIBE. And I keep coming back to these events, not only to get the latest in information technology, coaching, business expansion and marketing (yes I really need this as an artist), but honestly I go back for the TRIBE and the EXPERIENCE.

In Jamaica, I facilitated a movement workshop with DJ Jessie Campo. I witnessed so much transformation in one hour of movement: I watched full embodiment of intention, I reveled in the release of perseverance and the welcoming of gratitude. I saw my friends laugh, cry and express everything in between. And I saw my people dance, feel and heal!

This is my passion, to bring us to these fully embodied moments of expression. To dance, feel and heal. Where we ignite and release our goals to the world, like beautiful paper lanterns. Thank you all who danced and played with me in that beautiful Jamaican space.

If you are interested in upleveling and energizing your life with beautiful people at an amazing event, check out http://afest.com.

If you are interested in fully embodying and energizing your relationships, work, health, joy in life, check out my Harness Your Ecstatic Energy workshops and read more at http://bellequest.org

Sending you all so much love!
Photographer Kersti Niglas

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