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Treat Yo Self! NYE in NYC

•In the past, treating myself was a catch22. While enjoying myself fully, a guilty elf would sneak in and gnaw at my good time…prompting me to worry and wait for the other shoe to drop.

•Well, the other shoe dropped me in Saks yesterday where I played with my friend Sara. We rolled through the store like Queens, private dressing area, champagne, stylists and dressers. We lounged in the full decadence of the experience, and I bought a designer dress that I will be wearing every day in 2018.

•It’s time to enjoy myself fully, to step up and embrace the life of ease, flow and love that I truly want. Hey World! I am showing you how I want you to treat me…with comfort, magic and celebration in a beautiful dress that makes me feel like a Queen!

•My wish for all of us? May all of our dreams of abundance, vitality, virtuosity, friendship, love and manifestation come to us in 2018. I’m on my path, and you’re welcome to join me anytime!

Cheers! Happy New Years!

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