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Just Let Go

•You can probably tell from this head to head picture that I have some control issues. I tend to be the one that wants to hold on to the dream/goal/image so tightly that I could strangle the life from it, and when I finally do let go, it’s scary as fu@k and I don’t know how it’ll all balance out. Rachel, on the other hand, has the gift of peaceful balance. She seems unswayed by the challenge and the danger.

•When we went to Istanbul a year ago, I almost didn’t go and rerouted myself through Vienna. Rachel’s response? “I’ve always wanted to go to Turkey…and why would the threat of an attack keep me from the experience? It’s only a threat for a moment and the experience of Istanbul is story for a lifetime.” Or something to that effect…

•But she was right, and Istanbul has been my favorite place I have traveled to thus far. I would not have the rich visions of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia in my minds eye. I would not recall the Salah prayers reverberating over the loud speakers. I would not have known that a Turkish breakfast is the most delicious meal…ever.

•Sure, I can live, love and celebrate like a Boss, but I still get hung up with control, fear, and appearances. I like having Rachel in my life, to remind me to just let the fu@k go and live fully.. I mean, we all need reminders, right?

•So the next time your friend asks you to balance a head to head, or go to Istanbul or to gently release your tight-ass grip on reality…my advice is to listen, say yes, and just let go.

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