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The Best Necking of Your Life
On this special love day, it’s the perfect time to get ready for some vibrational make-out time…or make-in time if you prefer…but that’s another post!
Expressing ourselves sensually is exciting and literally gets the juices flowing. Here are some fun ways of preparing yourself to get turned on this Valentine’s Day. We’ll begin with physical movement, so if you have an injury, be gentle with yourself. Accurate self assessment is the gold standard and we participate in life at our own risk. With that said, let’s get to it!
Nerve Bundles – WTF??
I love juicing the nerve bundles in my body…it helps to release tension and helps movements to become more fluid.
1. Raise your shoulders, then roll them back and drop them comfortably. Nothing too strenuous and hopefully it will start to feel more natural to have your shoulders back.
2. Create space in between your neck and shoulders by tilting your right ear towards your right shoulder…the left side opens up, and switch, back and forth, ear to shoulder and switch.
3. Laterally shift your head to the right and then to the left, slowly and with care. There are a lot of tense muscles that live here, so we’re going to work on them next!
Tense Muscle Release
Now that we have more freedom in our neck, lets move into our shoulders. We’ll start with this shake out that I learned from Heidi & Jill of Acroyoga Montreal. It’s THE BEST!
1. Shoulder Shake by raising and dropping shoulders up and down, a lot. More than you think you should. Completely release the tension in the shoulder girdle, and let the momentum and gravity work for you.
2. Let the shoulder shake loosen your knees and let it become more of a bounce of your whole body. This way, we are moving lymph as well as releasing tension. Yay, 2 for 1!
Touch Yourself (No not that way)
How else can we show others how we want to be touched if we don’t do it ourselves?? If I want to have the BEST make-out session, I want to be loose, open, receptive, and communicative with my body (as well as my words). Let’s explore.
1. Tilt your head to one side and apply a bit of pressure with your fingertips to the upper trapezius muscle (the side and back of your neck) and drag your fingers in a downward and circular motion.
2. Inhale, taking in a big belly breath, feel your back expand, and chest lift.
3. Exhale with a vocal “Ahhhhhhh”. Vocalization is really helpful in releasing tension and getting us used to expressing with words or sounds!
4. Switch sides and do the same. Release the tension from the shoulders with your fingertips, while at the same time creating space in between the neck and the shoulders.
5. Explore with your fingertips across the shoulder and pressing down on your upper chest. Little bits here and there, and with love and kind curiosity always.
Alright…Necking Time!!
Now that you are opened up and relaxed, the tension has melted away, let’s call in that partner! Necking is an art form, like everything else, and it is all yours! I enjoying giving a bit of muscle tone against my partners touch, rather than complete relaxation. We all decide our roles, and roles can change from moment to moment. Receiving, surrender and active participation are all elements that can be enjoyed.
A few techniques for Givers? Dragging the lips across the skin, and don’t forget that tongue! The tip of the nose and the cheeks and chin are also excellent points of contact. Mix it up! Kissing, for sure, but play is even more inviting!!
Flash your fangs, give little nibbles and explore. And if you have stubble, there is a fine line between sensually enticing and downright scratching us raw, so shave or soften for us receivers please!
And most importantly, make sure you are always checking in with your receiver for consent to explore…it’s sexy to check-in and talk about things as we continue and there is no blanket YES when it comes to sexy times.
And the best thing??? Remember what it was like before you were having sex? When eye contact, holding hands, and slow kisses were the intimate action?? Necking is another one of these expressions, and the more drawn out, deliciously sensual and physically enjoyable it can be, the more exciting.
So my Loves, Make-Out or Make-In this Valentine’s Day, but know that it will be all the more enjoyable with a little self-care, preparation and slow down. All my Love! <3
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