In preparation for my trip to Toronto for Camp Reset, I have been discussing the idea behind the workshop I am sharing at the camp. As an off-shoot from my Moving in Flow workshops that train intuitive connections through kinesthetics, Get Our Wild Things On, is a workshop designed to bring participants into intimate connection with their spirit animal guides, as well as learn to embody and embolden their lives with shamanic spiritual knowledge.

In thinking about the workshop, I plan to lead the group in breathing techniques to bring on a trance-state and then lead a meditation to guide participants to meet with their spirit animal guide. After meditation, we will explore the nature world as our animals, and then we will explore partnerships as our animals.

While considering the potential of 100 people as the group size, I want to build in a bit of post-processing, but it has to remain general enough to touch upon the lives of that  many participants. Thus, the Elemental Insight into your Spirit Animal Guides! Just a note that it is common to have more than one Animal Spirit Guide, and even more common is that your guides will be natural enemies, but quite friendly when working together as guides. The power of our guides is quite amazing…enjoy!

Air Animal Totems

These are generally flying creatures, such as birds. If you have a totem that is lightweight or bird-like in movement or appearance, by all means utilize this information to help you gain greater meaning. Air spirits represent freedom of movement, new ideas, quicksilver responses, exciting energy, and masculine, potential action-based energy. Just like Air signs, Air totems are fast, fresh and free, quick to respond and definitely the talkers of the animal world. If you have an Air Totem Spirit, pay attention to where they are guiding you and at what pace…chances are you may be in for a ride! Air Totems also talk, a lot, so listen for guidance and allow yourself to be enchanted by the birdsongs you hear! Other keywords: Visions, Quests, Dreams, Imagination, Morning-time, Filial Love, Journeys, and Messages.

Fire Animal Totems

I have a loose interpretation for Fire Totems because I like to include not only transformational animals, like Salamander and Butterfly, but also “fabled” creatures such as Phoenix and Dragon. Let’s include the reptiles, insects and anything fire related. Anything that transforms or ignites passion or action is FIRE!! If you have a Fire Animal as your Totem you are in the midst of some fun! Fire is the element of transformation, change, destruction and creation. This energy is masculine and kinetic action and the doing of anything. Fire is strong, revealing and clearing of negativity. Be prepared for an inspired and active life with your Spirit Animal, you will not be led astray…in fact you may be thrown right in the middle of the lesson and will be amazed at your fortitude and endurance. Your Fire Totem loves you and knows your power, there is no doubt you will learn from this creature! Other keywords: Trust, Strength, Self-Sufficiency, Power, Paternal Love, Daylight, Pure Beingness, and Purification.

Water Animal Totems

Water Animal Spirits are soft, inviting and languid. We’re talking about the water-based creatures like fish and yes, sharks. Water Totems remind us of our hidden natures, our deep emotional beingness and our ultimate desires to be at one with our environment. There is a lot that is hidden in the depths of our natures and our Water Totems will glide us straight to our needs. We can be unsure or afraid of what lies beneath the known world (our Earth-based reality) and therefore, Water Totems will gently guide us to a greater personal depth of self…well, gently guides us after we surrender. If you have a Water Totem, allow and embrace its intriguing beauty and knowledge of the depths of the world. You are being led into an amazing domain of emotion, inspiration and femininity. We began as water creatures, and it is natural to return to that gentle place of being, where the sonorous heartbeat of the earth can be felt in the waves. Other keywords: Intuition, Moon, Emotion, Healing, Depths, Nocturnal, Maternal Love.

Earth Animal Totems

These are our most commonly known and easily understood animal counterparts. They live in the same physical reality that we live in and we are most used to observing and learning from these beings. If you have an Earth Animal Spirit as your Totem, you are being guided towards grounding, becoming one with nature, understanding your role in this natural world, as well as this modern world! Earth Spirits are able to adapt to the changing environment and in some cases, flourish. Abundance, wisdom and prosperity are aspects of these animals. Earth Totems teach us of balance, abundance, our sacredness, family, and developing ourselves as beings of this world. They are the best of us, the pure, instinctive part of our natures. Earth totems guidance is supple and sometimes subtle, so pay attention. Your guide will travel with you no matter where you go, because you are part of an Earth family. Other keywords: Manifestation, Balance, Family, Instinct, Fraternal/Sororal Love, Empathy, Gratitude.

These listings are not comprehensive, and you may experience something that feels different from what I have described. This is just one perspective based on my Shamanic and Native knowledge and practice. These are the guidelines that I teach, but are ever-changing and developing, just as we are. I hope you have found some insight and inspiration. And as always, laugh hard and love well dear friends!

Here’s a brief workshop description of what  we’re doing in case you’d like more info our would like to book a workshop. Email me for more information!

Hey Wild Thing, I think I love you. But I want to know for sure…So we’re going to let our Wild-Selves FREE!

There are animals within us and in this playful workshop we will meet them, our Spirit Guides, and become the Wild Things that we are. Beginning with a guided Shamanic meditation to meet our inner animals, we will then embody the spirit of our guides and take to the woods for a wild exploration! What would the natural world feel, taste, smell, sound and appear like as our Spirit Animal? We will find out when we explore the woods, on our own and in partnerships, as we develop our Native origins of communication – intuitive connection and physical expression. By learning to assimilate the powers of our Wild Natures, we will feel emboldened, invigorated and more connected to our natural, wild-selves and each other. This workshop inspires howling, climbing and puddles of giggling creatures. Costumes and pajama onesies may be required.

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